Awesome Places to Meet Women as an Introvert

So, how many of us enjoy going to bars and clubs? Between the huge crowds, loud music, and obligatory drinking, they’re just not my style. By the end of the night, my ears are ringing, my voice is raspy from trying to talk over the noise, and alcohol just isn’t my cup of tea. And people are actually expected to find romantic connections in such an environment? Count me out!

Heck, my idea of an awesome Friday night looks like this:


We’re not shy people. However, we use up our energy when we have to interact with other people and we can only use so much energy before we need to be alone and recharge. Personally, I tend to feel like taking a nap after I’ve been socializing with other people for a while.

Unlike extroverts, we become tired very easily after being surrounded by other people. Since we can only be social for so long before we need to go home and relax on our own, we need to be choosy about where we go to meet women.

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An Introvert’s Guide to Talking to Women

Letting out a tortured yell, I slammed my foot as hard as I could into the street sign. My shoe became dented. My toes began to ache. The sign stood unflinchingly erect, mocking my vain attempt to turn back time.

A few years ago near a bus stop, I happened to run into a girl that I used to have a massive crush on. I’m fairly certain that she liked me too back then but we lost touch and nothing ever came of it. My heart skipped a beat when I saw her.

“Molly?” I asked. She stared at me for a few seconds before a smile started to spread across her face.

“Oh my God, Steven!” She ran over and gave me a huge hug. “How have you been?”

“I’m good. How are you?”

“Good, good”



She stared back into me, and as I reached a mental roadblock I suddenly found myself panicking internally. How do I keep the conversation going? What do I say next? Do I make a joke? Should I comment on how she looks? Darn it, think Steve think!! Continue reading An Introvert’s Guide to Talking to Women

The Beginner’s Guide to Asking Women Out

The Beginner’s Guide to Asking Women Out

As an introvert, I struggled a lot when it came to trying to date women. I hadn’t even gone on my first date with a woman until I was in my twenties, whereas some of my friends just seemed to naturally fall into their perfect relationships without even trying. It just seemed like for most guys, knowing how to approach women, talk to them, and get a girlfriend was just common sense. I used to believe that it was just something that men should be able to do.

Meanwhile, I didn’t know how to go about dating or even where to learn those skills. I had no idea what you’re supposed to say to a girl you’re interested in. Are you supposed to use a pickup line? Are you supposed to impress her? How do you start a conversation and what do you say to her? Sometimes I’d hear that you need to be very bold with women. Sometimes I’d hear that you need to be very direct. And sometimes, I’d read some PUA advice that made me question my faith in humanity. I just wanted to find a compatible woman to share fun times and love, to kiss and hold hands with and experience that sense of intimacy, y’know?

Now, things are different. I learned how to talk to women and get them to go out with me. I met this wonderful girl a while back and was able to successfully ask her out. Today, we enjoy a lot of fun times together and it’s amazing to experience that love we have for each other. And I was able to accomplish all of this naturally, without becoming a jerk or an “alpha” or resorting to any of those sleazy PUA tactics – me, the introverted late bloomer!

Honestly, if I can do it then you can too! Here’s my beginner’s guide for talking to women and landing dates:

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